Kwara, Kebbi, Kada & Smart City Secure Super-Four Ticket.

The Third Round of the ongoing Nigeria Beach Soccer League came to a climax on Sunday in Kwara, In an evening that saw great talents on display. 

In Group B, Smart City defeated Edo HCF by 6-1 to book the only ticket left in the group for the Super-Four finals. As Igbogbo 6-5 victory over Kada BSC was not enough to secure them a spot which already had Kada confirmed for the final round of the National League.

In Group A, the hosts Kwara BSC challenged Africa’s No 1 ranked Clubs Kebbi BSC in an end-to-end action but the bragging rights went to Kebbi which silenced their hosts Kwara in a 6-4 victory.

Matchday 9 results however meant that Kebbi and Kwara finished 1st and 2nd in Group A, while the 1st and 2nd position went to Kada and Smart City in Group B.